BC Optical Transmitter


  • 1U 19”standard rack
  • Transmitter: two RF and data inputs, two optical outputs
  • Receiver: one optical input, one RF and data output
  • RF output level with wide operating range
  • AGC/MGC mode optional
  • Adjustable RF level
  • Transmitter: stable optical power output
  • Transmitter: optical output power shown on LCD
  • Receiver: optical AGC to ensure stable RF output
  • Receiver: optical input power shown on LCD
  • Parameters shown and controlled on LCD
  • Low power consumption design, without fan, improve the reliability


In broadband HFC network, BC-1310-10dB×2-F/R-I modulates the RF CATV signal, and realizes
optic-to-electric transformation, and transmit continuous, steady, reliable optical output. Optical
output comes from two coaxial lasers in the transmitter. Optical receiver inside is to modulate one
path optical input signal into RF signal, realize electric-to-optic transformation and transmit
continuous, steady RF output signal.
There are LCD screen, buttons and RF test ports on the front panel, F type connector and optical
output ports on the back side. It is very convenient for installation and maintenance. It makes use
of the good performance of GaAs modules and adopts low power consumption design to reduce
the heat and improves the steadily. Input level is controlled automatically by MCU, so it can
performance best without user’s tuning. It also can be in MGC mode to meet user’s special
requirement. All the functions can be completed automatically with all these intelligent design. To
meet user’s individual requirement, complete status and control function is shown on the LCD


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