• Insertion loss PC<0.3db,upc<0.2db, apc<0.2db
  • Return loss PC<0.3db,upc<0.2db, apc<0.2db
  • Storage temperature -40~85
  • frequency of usage >1000
  • Meet fire-retardant IEC60332-3C standard
  • Meet non- corrosive gas emission IEC 60754-2 standard
  • Meet LSZH emission IEC 61034-2 standard




The currently choice is;SC/PC-MU/PC Duplex G657A1 9/125 PVC Fiber Patch Cable.

Fiber optic patch cable is one of most commonly used components in fiber optic network.we can provide fiber patch cable which the jacket material is PVC,LSZH and so on.

Our PVC fiber patch cable has high mechanical performance and lower price, it is suitable for outdoor use; our LSZH fiber patch cable is environmental and inflammable performance; the fire rating OFNP of our fiber patch cable can be reached.

We can provide connectors, such as LC,SC,FC,ST,MU and E2000, and we can provide the endface of APC,UPC and PC for most connectors.

Single mode and multi-mode fiber, simplex and duplex, 0.9mm,3.0mm,2.0mm fiber diameter for customers choice.

Single mode fiber includes G652D 9/125,G657A21 9/12 and G657A2 9/125; multi-mode fiber includes OM1 62.5/125, OM2 50/125, OM3 50/125 and OM4 50/125.

The default color of single mode patch cable is yellow; the default color of Multi-mode OM1and OM2 patch cable is orange; OM3 is aqua blue; OM4 is pink.

We also can provide different colors fiber patch cable according to the user’s preferences .

At present, we can’t provide fiber patch cable with MTRJ connectors. For fiber patch cable with E2000 connectors, we can only provide single mode, without multi-mode. For all multi-mode fiber patch cable, we only provide UPC and PC endface, without APC endface.


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